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Medieval RPG

Alpha Release now on Android and Windows
Storyline: Download Demo Now! Game Features:

Medieval RPG (working title) is a Turn-base Retro RPG game set in the medieval time period. Create a character and travel and discover in an open vast world full of towns, castles, forests, mountains, lakes, and underground dungeons. It's dangerous to go alone, so hire companions to help you reign victoriously as you fight creatures along your journey, defeating a wide variety of monsters with swords, bows, and magical spells. Equip items gained from battles, use potions to regain health and magic, and buy and sell items from local shops, as you and your companions have your own combat level, experience, stats, and equipment.

  • Turned-based random battle system
  • 3 Player classes: Archer, Knight, and Wizard
  • Upgrade your stats with 100 levels of combat
  • Hire companions to defeat your foes
  • 100+ Armor, Weapon, & Potion Items
  • 20 inventory slots per character
  • 10+ Unique Monsters
  • Higher rewards as you fight harder enemies
  • 11 tier levels of armor and weapons for each class
  • 25+ healing and damage spells
  • Towns, wilderness, and dungeons to explore
  • Buy & Sell weapons, armor, and potions at shops
  • View stats of every action you make

Explore Open Worlds

Visit Towns

Buy Items

Equip Gear

Examine Dungeons

Battle Monsters

Cast Spells

Collect Gold and Loot

Hire Companions

Level Up Characters

Upgrade Skills

View Stats

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