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Strobe Flashlight is Taepke Studio’s first app released on Google Play. The free app works as both a regular flashlight and a strobe light. You can control the flash and delay rates of the strobe light individually, or together. The options menu allows you to set the default startup configurations. Download it today!



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Turn your phone into a strobe light or flashlight with the easy-to-use Strobe Flashlight app. This app features a normal Flashlight mode and a Strobe Light mode with custom strobe speeds controls!

STROBE LIGHT: Use the custom slider controls to independently control the speeds of the Flash and Delay of the strobe light, or control them together with the Sync slider!

FLASHLIGHT: Is the strobe light flash too much to handle? No worries, as there’s a regular flashlight mode included as well, absolutely free of charge!

OPTIONS: The options page allows you to change the app’s startup status (on or off) and the startup flash mode (strobe light or flashlight).

SAFETY: Do not look directly at the flashlight as it can cause serious eye damage or blindness. Always wear protective eye gear when directly viewing the flashlight, especially when it’s turned on.

PHOTOSENSITIVITY WARNING: This app can be used to create flashes of light that could cause epileptic seizure triggers for people with visual sensitivities. Please consult with your medical doctor to see if Taepke Studio’s Strobe Flashlight app is right for you.


  • CAMERA: Used to access the camera’s flashlight.
  • STORAGE: Used to save the app’s startup configuration settings.
  • NETWORK: Used to connect to ad networks.

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